- and get rewarded for your involvement

How it works

You will be asked and guided to navigate through websites, apps, protype designs, marketing campaigns, products, concepts and much more to help us understand how they can be improved and developed properly.

It's fun and interesting to be part of the tribe. You will get involved with new and existing products and ideas which will be based on your needs. All of your involvement is valuable to us, and you will get rewarded for your effort.

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Get started by signing up and become part of an international tribe of 10.000 customers.

Start the test

When assigned to a test, you will be asked to visit a website, open an app, etc., and follow a set of tasks. The process is simple and only takes about 20 minutes.

Speak out your thoughts

Your screen and voice is recorded during the test. It is important that you speak your thoughts out loud throughout the test. See video-example below.

Watch the video to get an idea of how it works

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Our vision: A seamless world full of profitable companies that create outstanding products, services and experiences; delivered with passion, integrity, and love.

Founded in 2011, UserTribe has already worked with more than 550 companies among these are many of the largest companies in Denmark: TDC, Topdanmark, Nordea, Scandlines, PFA Pension, Saxo, Nykredit, Copenhagen Airports, Arla, Fitness World, Lego and more.

Usertribe makes it simple and flexible to ensure that your customers behavior and experienced value is part of the development of your company. This is both to ensure priorities of projects; that project start-up is done correct, is implemented and produced correctly, but also that they are launched correctly - all this with the involvement of your company’s customers in systematic, flexible and cost efficient manner. This means that the company is optimizing, making it more customer driven, competitive and is increasingly using the company’s full potential.